Seawater and brackish water desalination equipment case

Seawater desalination equipment refers to equipment specially used for desalinating seawater. Seawater desalination mainly uses two methods to desalinate seawater, namely, the distillation method and the reverse osmosis method to desalinate seawater.

Sea water cannot be used directly because of its high salt content. There are two main methods for desalination of sea water, namely distillation and reverse osmosis.

Distillation method:

The    distillation method is mainly used for super large-scale seawater desalination treatment and places with abundant heat energy. The application of reverse osmosis membrane method is very wide, and the salt rejection rate is very high, so it is widely used. The reverse osmosis membrane method firstly extracts seawater and performs preliminary treatment to reduce the turbidity of the seawater and prevent the growth of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, and then use a special high-pressure pump to pressurize the seawater to enter the reverse osmosis membrane. Due to the high salt content of the seawater Therefore, the seawater reverse osmosis membrane must have the characteristics of high desalination rate, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, and pollution resistance. The salt content of the seawater after the reverse osmosis membrane treatment is greatly reduced, and the TDS content rises from 36000 mg/to 200 mg/ Liters around. The water quality after desalination is even better than tap water, so it can be used by industry, commerce, residents, ships, and naval vessels.

Reverse osmosis method:

Seawater has high salt content, high hardness, and is highly corrosive to equipment, and the seasonal changes in water temperature make the reverse osmosis desalination system much more complicated than the conventional brackish water desalination system, and the engineering investment and energy consumption are also much higher. . Therefore, it is extremely important to reduce project investment and energy consumption through careful process design and reasonable desalination equipment configuration, thereby reducing unit water production costs and ensuring stable operation of the system.

Process flow of seawater desalination equipment:

  1, pretreatment

  2, sterilization and algae

  3, coagulation filtration

   4. Chemical adjustment

   5. Deodorization

  6, security filter

 Reverse osmosis membrane elements and devices:

   reverse osmosis membrane element is the core component of reverse osmosis seawater desalination equipment, the element has better than 99% pressure resistance, oxidation resistance and pollution resistance. The reverse osmosis equipment adopts a first-stage and one-stage combined structure with 7 membrane elements in series and 6 pressure headers in parallel, and is equipped with low-pressure automatic flushing discharge and low-pressure automatic flushing replacement of desalinated water, and automatic switching discharge device for unqualified product water. In this system, high and low pressure protection and high pressure pumps are also provided, and the interlocking of the cleaning pumps is also provided.