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· Overall overview of iron and manganese water treatment equipment

Groundwater often contains excessive iron and manganese, and long-term drinking of iron and manganese-rich water is harmful to the human body. As the production water for papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and leather, it will reduce product quality; washing clothes will cause yellow or brown stains; iron deposits will breed iron bacteria, block pipelines, and sometimes red water will appear.

The iron and manganese water treatment equipment is a special device for removing iron from groundwater. Its method is to remove iron from the manganese sand in the tank by jet air pump or compressed air after water absorption and aeration, so as to prevent the iron-containing water from being brought to life and industrial production. The harm.

· The quality of iron and manganese water treatment equipment is strictly controlled

The iron and manganese water treatment equipment has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 authoritative certifications, and the quality of raw materials is controlled layer by layer, starting from the source. Strictly implement the factory inspection of finished products to control the internal quality of the products. In order to ensure the quality of incoming raw materials and products out of the factory, inspectors strictly implement various management systems and working standards of the Quality Inspection Department, and conduct inspections in accordance with "Inspection Control Procedures"