Thanks to Yunnan Wenshan People's Hospital for choosing our reverse osmosis equipment

At the beginning of this year, Yunnan Wenshan People's Hospital ordered a 1 ton RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment from Guangdong Volada Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd., which has been successfully delivered. Volada is an environmentally friendly enterprise specializing in R&D, production and construction of water treatment equipment. It covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters and is located in Guangzhou, China. This time, Yunnan Wenshan People's Hospital took a fancy to Volada's years of R&D and production and efficient service quality, so it chose Volada's reverse osmosis equipment.

Yunnan Wenshan People's Hospital has a relatively high standard of water use. The raw water uses tap water. After passing through our RO reverse osmosis equipment, the conductivity of the effluent can be reduced to below 10, which can fully meet the drinking water requirements of the hospital.
  Since the signing of the order, our employees have worked hard from design to installation to testing, working rigorously, and striving to let customers get satisfactory products. If you have any questions about water treatment such as reclaimed water reuse equipment, well water treatment equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, etc., you can contact us directly.