What is the reason for insufficient salt in the use of softened water equipment?

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Update time : 2022-04-02 09:26:40
What is the reason for insufficient salt in the use of softened water equipment?
           Water softening equipment is also known as equipment for reducing water hardness. It mainly removes calcium and magnesium ions in water. In the process of softening water, softening water equipment cannot reduce the total salt content of water, and can be used for supply of air conditioning and other systems. Softening of water and treatment of domestic water, etc. As a water softener, as a device for treating household water in daily life, more and more families have begun to use softened water. However, due to improper installation of softened water equipment, it often occurs that the salt used is not enough. This is because the softened water equipment is installed. If it is not correct, I will teach you how to install the softened water equipment correctly.
 Correct installation steps for softened water equipment:
       1. When the softened water equipment is delivered, first let the owner confirm whether the machine is in good condition. When the standard product water softener is delivered, the straps on the outer packaging are fixed with plastic buckles.
       2. After opening the package, the installer will explain the functional characteristics of some products to the owner, so that the owner can know how the water is treated and use it with confidence.
       3. Connect the water inlet pipe of the water purifier. Because this family's water purifier and water softener are installed in one piece, the water pipes are divided into two channels, which are connected to the water purifier and water softener respectively.
       4. Clean the inlet and outlet nozzles of the water softener. Because the water pipes are installed first, it is inevitable that there will be some dust outside. If it is not a regular installation team, this point is usually ignored. The other is to ask the installer to wrap a few turns of white tape at the joints of the nozzles, taking care to prevent leaks and prevent bacteria.
       5. Temporarily connect a water pipe next to the water purifier to release the sewage that needs to be removed when flushing the inside of the water purifier. Because it is a new machine, there are still some residual impurities inside that are easy to ignore.
       6. Generally, the water softener can be set to rinse every 12 hours on the computer board, and each time is about 30 seconds. However, when debugging and rinsing, because it is a new machine, it needs to be rinsed for about half an hour.
       7. After installing the water softener, pour the salt into it. The salt used in the water softener is imported special salt, which will have less damage to the machine and water quality, and the shape is a bit like a cockroach pill.
      8. When debugging the water softener, first turn the computer screen on the machine in one direction. Because I was worried that it would be damaged during transportation, it was delivered upside down, and the place connecting the computer screen and the fuselage was active, which would not affect the normal use of the machine.
      In the process of using water softening equipment, we must monitor the use of salt, so that we can detect whether the installation is correct. Hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, please consult the customer service of Hualanda Water Purification Equipment!