1. Corporate Vision
 Strive to become a leading brand in the water treatment industry!

 2. Mission
 Efficiently solve customers' water needs, provide high-quality and competitive water treatment solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers

3. corporate values
 Customer-centric, struggling-oriented, quality for survival, technology for development, and persistent hard work for a long time.

4. our goal
 Make the sky bluer, the mountains greener, and the water clearer

5. corporate philosophy
 Keep the world in mind, embrace changes, build a learning team and a learning enterprise
6. Talent values
 Character first, possess both ability and political integrity, low-key and humble, tough and pragmatic, dedicated to love, meritocracy, and fair competition.  To
 Enterprises rely on employees for development, and employees rely on enterprises to establish their businesses; talents are the most precious resource of an enterprise.  Employees and enterprises must develop together

7. implementation concept
 Respond quickly, act immediately, be vigorous and vigorous, refer to wherever you go

 8. Performance Concept
 Recognize credit only, don’t recognize hard work, admire results, use strength to prove

9. market concept
 Review the current situation, continue to innovate, and respond quickly

 10. Quality Concept
 Quality is the life of enterprise development, pay attention to details, strive for perfection, and be responsible for each of our products and each of our customers.  We follow high quality and high standards in management to enable enterprises to operate in efficient management and ensure the realization of strategic goals.

 11. Cooperation Concept
 Openness, cooperation, and win-win
 Develop together with friends and businessmen, that is, competitors and partners, jointly create a good living space, share the benefits of the value chain, and create a community of interests.