Salt box

It is mainly suitable for water treatment engineering, softened water complete equipment, and accessories on complete water treatment equipment.
Salt box
Salt box
Salt box



♦ The product is acid and alkali resistant, not easy to age, non-toxic and tasteless, and has a long service life
♦ Manufactured by rotomolding process
♦ Pass water quality testing and meet environmental protection requirements




• Tough texture: the main raw material of polyethylene is adopted, which is light and tough, easy to handle, shock-resistant and impact-resistant.

• Good drug resistance: anti-corrosion to various acids and alkalis.

• Clean and beautiful: the appearance is streamlined and beautiful, not easy to get dirty, and can easily remove dirt.

• Economical and durable: the barrel body is integrally formed without bonding, and it is not easy to break.

• Heat resistance and frost resistance: good heat resistance and frost resistance, it can be used at 80~-40 Celsius.

• Leakage: The water outlet connector is made of the same material as the barrel body, and is processed by thermal melting, which can save the urgent trouble of liquid leakage and replacement.

• Specific specifications can be customized according to customer needs!